Happy Buddies

I am doing all my learning with Happy Buddies and Puppy School. Although I have my own Personal Trainer (Amanda is luv-el-eeee) they also do lots of other things. They help with puppy training and run puppy schools for groups of puppies and for individuals too and they run canine colleges for older dogs and the really great thing is that everything is reward based so if you do something good or well, you get a reward … how good is that!

Since meeting Amanda I have learned all sorts of things.┬áMy parents have learned a thing or two too. I think that every dog deserves training from Happy Buddies … it’s the best! If you would like to know more about Happy Buddies they have their own website (I think they talk about what they do rather than what I’ve done, but you can’t have it all, I suppose) with lots more information, you can find it at www.happy-buddies.co.uk