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Mangetout, mangetout …

My friend Charlie was pleased to see me!

Mangetout, mangetout – well I do … I eat everything! But that isn’t really the point. You won’t believe where I’ve been … only to see my friend Charlie! Let me start from the beginning, or at least half way through. You see, it has been a pretty ordinary couple of weeks with not much happening. They (him and Daddy Richard) have been moaning about me laying down when we go for a walk but that’s just normal. Then, on Thursday, we had been out for a walk and then he got me to jump into the car thingy and we went to see my personal Vetinary Surgeon, Michael. When we got in there my personal Vetinary Surgeon read the chip in my neck (I had that done when I was still at the Dog’s Trust) and then he gave me a couple of worming tablets. Well, I’m not stoopid – I knew they were tablets so I spat them out! My personal Vetinary Surgeon tried to pretend they were chewy and nice but I knew what they were! He suggested that he gave them to me (like that was going to work!) but I just kept spitting them out. Then he had a wonderful idea, he went off and came back with a bowl of food where he had hidden the tablets – well, obviously, I ate all the food and left the tablets! Eventually, Michael rather unceremoniously pulled my jaw open and put them down my throat! Not very dignified, but I suppose I wasn’t going to escape!

I had a luvely time at Charlie’s house!

So, that was that, all setup and ready to go. My personal Vetinary Surgeon, Michael, signed my passport and we were all ready for our trip. It’s quite sad actually because that will probably be my last trip. According to my personal Vetinary Surgeon, Michael, when we ‘Brexit’ (I’ve looked this up on Fidopedia and apparently it means that we are going to leave the EU “Do or die” according to the Prime Minister) the pet passport scheme will cease to exist so I won’t be able to travel to France and Charlie won’t be able to come to England. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea really. Anyway, we got up really early in the morning and went for a walk. Then, when we got home, Daddy Richard and him got things ready before we all jumped into the car thingy (well, I jump in, they more just get in!) and we drove off towards the Channel Tunnel. I’ve looked that up too and apparently it is a tunnel under the sea that connects England to France and you go on the train to France in your car. Anyway, we got there and I had a quick walk around before we went off to Border Control to get onto the train. Unfortunately, when we got to passport control there was a delay of just over an hour because the French Border Control were insisting on inspecting every passport. He says that it was like that earlier in the week and it’ll be even worse after Brexit. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea!

Charlie and I had a luvely time!

Apparently Brexit is going to solve the immigration problem and that’s one of the main reasons for us leaving the EU. The immigrants don’t come from Europe though, they come from Syria and Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia and Eritrea, so I’m not sure how Brexit helps. Good news though – after Brexit we won’t be able to send them back to Europe anymore … we’ll have to keep everyone who gets here. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea! Apparently, many of the people who come from Europe, from Poland and Romania and Spain and France and other European countries work in our NHS, so Brexit will mean that they can’t work here anymore but that’s OK. According to the bus that our Prime Minister had when he campaigned for Brexit we’re going to get €340 million a week back into our NHS so we won’t need all those Europeans to support it. Mind you, the current government (which the Prime Minister who said that leads) didn’t spend €340 million over the whole of last winter on the NHS, but he said it would happen and the Prime Minister would surely never lie! Oh, he did! But that’s a different issue. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea. Anyway, we had a lovely time whilst we still can. Charlie and I ran all over the place and had a lovely time playing with each other!

I took up my usual position under the table – it was actually quite nice!

After we left Charlie we went into a place called Hesdin so that they could go to a couple of shops. They wanted to go a shop called Aldi which sells really cheap stuff that they quite like and he wanted to go to a shop called Carrefour because he wanted to get some olives and some mustard (I know, but we know he‘s weird!). I didn’t even get out of the car thingy when they went into Aldi, I just used it as an opportunity to push out a few 💤s because after running around with Charlie I was pretty cream crackered! When we got to Carrefour I got out with Daddy Richard whilst he went inside but I didn’t really feel much like a walk so we just went and waited outside for him to come out of the shop. We waited for a while and, eventually, he came out with two bags of shopping so I think he got more than just some olives and some mustard! Actually, he did come out with a new toy for me, so it was probably worthwhile. Whilst they were in Hesdin they also decided to get something to eat. We all went into a bar where they had a sandwich and Daddy Richard had a beer and he had a small glass or rosé wine. I wasn’t getting anything so I decided to take up my usual position under the table – it was actually quite nice!

I’m not being rude but I think Charlie is getting a bit big to sit on his lap!

I forgot to mention him and Charlie! My regular fans will know about the fact that he regularly comes home smelling of other dogs. Well Charlie is no exception! He claims to have a ‘special’ relationship with Charlie because he remembers Charlie when he was really tiny. Mind you, I can’t imagine Charlie being really tiny but he claims he was, although he always had big feet! I wasn’t jealous at all when Charlie sat on his lap … although I do think Charlie is a bit big for sitting on his lap! Mind you, neither of them seemed to mind so I guess it was OK. Apparently, when Charlie was young he used to play with him. I can kind of understand because I wasn’t around at the time. I didn’t arrive on the scene until I was just over one and Charlie was already 18 months old by then. In fact, it’s Charlie’s birthday next week – he’s going to be 4 years old!!!!

I won’t be coming here after the 31st October. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea!

We did have a luvely day in France! By the time we came home I was completely cream crackered and I just pushed out 💤s all the way from the tunnel when we checked in to when we got home. The car thingy can be quite boring anyway but I am used to it nowadays and I don’t mind it because whenever we get into the car thingy we almost always go somewhere nice and fun! Today has started a bit quieter though. Yesterday was definitely the best day ever but there is a good chance that today will be too! We all got up a bit later this morning. I didn’t mind, it was OK by me. I had a leisurely breakfast and watched the telly. Actually, it was the Prime Minister being interviewed. It was a bit of a shame really. He refused to admit he lied to the Queen even though 11 highly respected judges said that he did. Because it didn’t suit his argument he just accused them of ‘frustrating’ Brexit and being biased against him. Then he categorically stated that we will leave the EU on the 31st October and when it was pointed out to him that there is a law in place that prevents him crashing out without a deal he just said that we are leaving anyway. So, it appears that we have a Prime Minister who is prepared to lie and prepared to break the law just to get something through which he lied about 3 years ago and continues to lie about now. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea!

it was sad when we left Charlie but I hope that it wasn’t the last time!

Anyway, we’ve just been out for a walk. I think that today is going to be all about dodging showers. Although yesterday we did get torrential rain and very strong winds, we managed to avoid it pretty much all day. On the journey back to the tunnel it really poured down but since we were in the car thingy it didn’t matter. I’ve had him look up what happens after the 31st October if we do leave the EU. The existing passport scheme will no longer apply unfortunately. I think it may be possible to travel but it will need much more planning because I’ll need a blood test at least 3 months before I’m allowed to travel and I’ll need loads of injections, certificates and things – all of which have different dates by which they must be completed. Certainly, a day trip doesn’t look like it will be possible but we really don’t know. In fact, from what I can see, like most things ‘Brexit’ it hasn’t been thought through. The UK is going to impose some really restrictive rules but it doesn’t yet know how they’re going to work. Still, I’m sure it’s a good idea! Anyway, enough of all this. I’m a dog. I’m sure the humans will work it out. Daddy Richard appears to be doing something with food which may mean there’s something in it for me so, for now, must paws … 🐾

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