home diary Life’s ups and downs just keep coming …

Life’s ups and downs just keep coming …

I knew I wasn’t going to get a look in over the last couple of weeks, I wasn’t wrong!

For those that might remember my last glog, I didn’t think I was going to get much of a look in over the last couple of weeks, it turns out I was right … as usual. You see, it has been a bit of a busy couple of weeks but not for me … for them! Last weekend was the Gardeners’ Show and he is the ‘Club Secretary’ so what could go wrong? Well, I’d like to point out that just for once it wasn’t my fault – no really, it really wasn’t my fault! I shall come to that but first, let me start from where I left off. Oh yes, I wasn’t going to get much of a look in. Well that turned out to be true. You see, after Daddy Richard had made his award winning Lemon Curd for the Gardeners’ Club show, it seemed that all attention turned to the Annual Show. He spent most of his time building a spreadsheet that is used for the show. Apparently it calculates all the show Classes, entries, creates the entry cards, class cards for the tables then it creates sheets for each section with all the entrants on it and then, on the day, he just enters the scores into the spreadsheet and it calculates all of the scores, prize money and cup winners – it all sounds very interesting (not!) but I’m still trying to get my mind around what a spreadsheet is! I’ve checked in the doggy world and we certainly don’t have spreadsheets. The nearest we get is Microwoof Study and, what I can only assume is the far superior, Surpass which is a Floodblanket. I don’t use such mundane products so I don’t know much about them. Daddy Richard seemed to be obsessed with what he was going to cook on the day. I tried to get their attention, I really did!

Spending a bit of quality time with Daddy Richard in the evening. Apparently that isn’t a large scotch you can see!

So, after the weekend, life was pretty quiet to be honest. He was out most days pretending to do that ‘work’ thing he claims to do. I don’t know what he thinks I think he does but every single day he comes home smelling of another doggy. He claims that, almost without exception, their clients have doggies but I’m just not so sure. Anyway, that meant that I got to spend quite a bit of quality time with Daddy Richard. Apparently, they’ve picked up a load of new clients in the last couple of weeks (7 to be precise) and so they’re really busy. Even Daddy Richard has been doing a fair amount of work! So, as the week wore on, I got to walk with him in the mornings and evenings, but during the day I went out with Daddy Richard. Daddy Richard often takes me to The Green at lunchtime which I really enjoy, so I was perfectly happy with that. He wanted to do his ‘cooking’ for the show on Thursday afternoon but he ended up working late at a client, so he was left with about an hour on Friday afternoon and then Friday evening. When we were walking in the morning, he was telling Daddy Richard that he only had a very small window on Friday afternoon to cook and then it would have to be Friday evening. Daddy Richard told him to keep in touch because he would obviously need the kitchen. When he finally left his client on Friday afternoon he phoned Daddy Richard to say he was on his way home and reminded him that he only had an hour before he had to go and setup for the show.

Quite frankly, I’m just not sure whether I want a tummy rub or not!

You might imagine that the air went quite blue when he walked in on Friday afternoon just as Daddy Richard was putting his ‘Tarte Tatin’ in the oven which he hadn’t even mentioned he was going to cook until that moment. I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel or something when he realised that he hadn’t got the access to the kitchen that he had been promised earlier. I decided to keep a low profile because I was quite sure at any moment Daddy Richard was going to be wearing a Tarte Tatin! He wasn’t happy but he went off into his study and started playing with his spreadsheet. Apparently, late entries and a lack of time meant he hadn’t yet printed the entry cards or the table cards. The next thing I new he was off out to setup in the village hall. I was a little reluctant to mention the small matter of a walk! In the end I went out with Daddy Richard which I think, on balance, was the right thing to do! When he came home he immediately started cooking. By that time we had a visitor too. Eric had come to stay the night because Auntie Sue had guests, one of whom is frightened of doggies, and Eric can be a bit boisterous at times. Now, Eric and I rub along OK and I was quite happy for him to stay. Just as long as he spent the actual night in his crate so that I could roam as usual without interruption.

The food eventually made it to the show and everyone was happy again!

As the evening went on, Eric and I played around together and all went relatively well. He spent the entire evening doing that ‘cooking’ thing he does and printing entry cards and table cards. Eventually Daddy Richard went to bed at about 11pm and he carried on until about midnight. When he eventually decided to call it a night you can image how happy he was when he went to go to bed and found that Eric had weed all over the hallway. He cleared it up, put Eric in his crate and went to bed – I think he was a bit cream crackered! On Saturday morning he got up at 5.30am to start cooking again. He let Eric out of the crate and Eric and I went outside for a wee and a bit of a play around. He started doing that cooking thing again and his first thing was to make biscuits – he only had biscuits, a Tarte Tatin, a Mocktail and a Summer Fruit Soup to make before he went down to the village hall at 8am. It seems that this somehow stressed him out a bit. Particularly so when he turned round and discovered that Eric had just eaten his first batch of biscuits! He went positively mad! Honestly, the language – Eric is certainly too young to hear that kind of thing! Anyway, he made a new batch of biscuits and all was on track again. Then he turned around just as Eric took a great bite out of the Victoria sponge that Daddy Richard had made. Oh boy, oh boy! That elicited language that even I haven’t heard before!

The show went well and, even if he didn’t retain his cup I think he was pleased with the overall event.

He clearly decided that Eric was a bit of a problem in the kitchen. I was keeping a low profile because I have a horrible feeling that if Eric hadn’t done what he did, I might have been tempted! Anyway, he shut Eric out of the kitchen so that he could get on but that turned out to be a mistake. Daddy Richard came downstairs largely because he couldn’t sleep through all the noise and then he appeared in the kitchen doorway. The words seemed to almost come out without him opening his mouth “Eric has sit and weed all over our rug” – It sounded like sit but it also sounded like he had a bit of lisp! That’ll be our hand tied silk Indian rug that is sold in Liberties at a very expensive price then! Oh dear! Things didn’t bode well for Eric!! Daddy Richard cleared up the rug as best he could, he went down to the village hall and it wasn’t long before Auntie Sue came and collected Eric and the rug to go and get it cleaned. I have a filling that we won’t be doing that particular thing again for a while! Anyway, all went well at the show. Nana and Grandad came over and they went and collected Grandma and they wall went to CafĂ© Connect. Then Grandad came home to spend some quality time with me and at lunchtime so did Nana and Grandma. They had lunch and I had a few treats from Grandad. After lunch Nana and Grandma walked (yes, I do mean walked!) down to the village hall to see the show again. He didn’t retain his cup but, frankly, after all the events of the previous 24 hours, it was amazing that he came joint second!

Can I have a tummy rub please?

On Sunday we all went out for a walk at Kenley Aerodrome. We had a luvely time and I even decided that rolling over for a tummy rub would probably be Ok. When I say we all, Auntie Zena, Uncle Simon and Nana came with Daddy Richard and him. We had a lovely walk and I had a jolly good run around. It is about a 2 mile walk and Nana did exceedingly well considering she is 85 years old! When we eventually got home I was cream crackered and so I just slept on the kitchen floor whilst he knocked up a chicken biryani with a vegetable curry for Nana, Grandad, Auntie Zena, Uncle Simon, Daddy Richard and him, Although it was obvious that everyone was cream crackered by the end of the evening, and in some cases well lubricated, so everyone retired to bed. We all slept very well. I know because I could hear Daddy Richard snoring and I didn’t hear a peep out of anyone all night. Nana and Grandad went home on Monday morning and he went off to work. Life returned to normal for about 24 hours! Then it all went a bit pear shaped. Not for me, but for him.

Be under no illusion here, Daddy Richard needed a lay down!

It all started on Tuesday. It was his own fault really. He came home from work saying he felt a bit bloated and uncomfortable. He went off to one of his ‘Neighbourhood Planning’ meetings and arrived home to enjoy a chicken dhansak that he had made earlier. He was struggling to eat it even though he said it was one of the best curries he had ever made. They went to bed and on Wednesday morning he realised what it was … IBS. He was diagnosed as suffering from it a few years ago but always fails to recognised the symptoms until it’s too late. By Wednesday morning he was suffering with severe stomach cramps and didn’t go to work. He hasn’t had a day off sick for 20 years so it must have been bad. For the next 48 hours there were stomach cramps ever 4 minutes, day and night. Although he was on medication he had caught it too late. Although by Friday morning the cramps began to subside, the cramping had left his abdomen so bruised and it felt like all the muscles had ripped that he could hardly walk. Today he is better, not quite there but he will be soon. They were supposed to be going to see Abba The Party at the O2 with Nana, Grandad, Auntie Alison and Uncle Freddie but he wasn’t quite up to dancing on tables so he had to bow out and let someone else have the ticket. They had arranged for dog walkers to come and take me for a walk and, in light of the fact that he can hardly walk, it was a good job they had. So I’ve spent the day with him but I’ve been for some fabulous walks with the dog walkers! I hope I can go out with them again!

So, there’s definitely been a few ups and downs recently. The dog walkers are called Furry Friends and I had a fabulous time with them. They’re really nice and if you’re in Godstone or the surrounding area and need a dog walker, they come highly recommended. (If anyone wants their contact details, just drop me an email on my personal email at monty@monty.vip). So, who knows what comes next? He is about to go off and pick those Abba Party people up and I am rather hopeful I’m about to get my dinner before he goes. This has been a bit of a tome one way or another and if I’m going to get dinner before he goes, I’d better get off this keyboard so, for now, must paws … ?

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Tony Carterf
Tony Carterf

Dear Monty,
What a busy time but not always a good time,at least it wasn’t you causing all the trouble,Eric is obviously not well trained like you.
As for his IBS, we are led to believe this can be brought on by stress,so maybe it is time to calm down dear.
Love reading your adventures & have to say that Nana looks very sprightly for her age, having met her at the Hort show.
Let’s hope it runs in the family for Daddy Richard, although he always seems to be snoozing!
Lots of love,
From Auntie Rosemary & Uncle Tony

Fran Pavely
Fran Pavely

Oh dear Monty not a lot of fun this report. A lot of pooing, peeing and vomiting by the
read of it. Let’s hope your next blog is a better one all round.
Pats and hugs