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Take me to the moon and back!

This is Laika, the very brave Russian doggy who was the first animal to orbit the earth.

Well, not literally! My regular fans will know that I am not sure he is likely to be any good at rocket science and I certainly wouldn’t trust him with one. I’ve been doing a bit of Doogling and I have discovered that you need a rocket to get to the moon. I don’t much care for the car thingy … I doubt very much I would get on with a rocket. I’ve also discovered that the moon is 384,400km away which is a flamin’ long way! That’s definitely further than Reigate Hill and that’s just about my limit. I do go on longer journeys but I’ve never been as far as 384,400km! I’ve done a bit of Doogling about this whole moon thing because it’s all over the flamin’ radio and telly at the moment that today is 50 years since man stepped on the moon. I’ll come back to that, but I also discovered with the help of Fidopedia that a doggy has been to space. She was called Laika and she was Russian (which is also somewhere that is a very long way away!). It is quite sad though that she was sent on a one way mission to orbit the earth and, although the Russians claimed she died painlessly in orbit of the earth about a week after take off, it turns out that she actually died within a couple of hours of take off from overheating and panic. Humans can be so cruel!

My new friend Radar!!

Thinking of more upbeat matters, I promised to find a picture of my new friend Radar last week. Well, I’ve found one! I have to confess that he didn’t take it, but he got it from Auntie Wendy. Well, let’s face it, he’s hardly very good at taking photos is he? He often gets photos of me wrong! Talking of photos, I’ve been having a jolly good think about that. You see, my regular fans will probably know that he uses an iPhone to take photos of me. (Sometimes he takes photos of other things too but I do my best to discourage that kind of behaviour!) Thinking back to that rocket that took the first man to the moon – he was called Neil Armstrong and he went with his friends Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins – he went in a rocket. So, I was thinking about how he got there. Apparently he went on a space flight called ‘Apollo 11’ and there was a whole army of people on earth that helped him but what I found interesting was the difference between his iPhone and the ‘Apollo Guidance Computer’ that was used to get them to the moon. Apparently, he wrote about this 10 years ago when it was 40 years since man had landed on the moon. I hadn’t even been born then and, obviously, I am far more up-to-date than him so I thought I’d have a look too. You see, his iPhone is a kind of portable computer and it is quite a bit more powerful than the Apollo Guidance Computer. In fact, it is almost unbelievably more powerful! Let me explain, the Apollo Guidance Computer had what is called RAM or ‘Random Access Memory’ – a kind of temporary place that the computer can store information it needs to process – which was considered large at the time at 32,768 bits. That’s quite a lot but not when compared to his iPhone which has 8GB of RAM. 8GB of RAM is 68,719,476,736 bits which is more than 2 million times more RAM than the Apollo Guidance Computer. If you then consider the speed of the computer, the Apollo Guidance Computer ran at 0.043 MHz. His iPhone runs at roughly 2,500 MHz which is over a 100,000 times more processing power. Now, I’m no expert (clearly, I’m a dog!) but what that actually means is that his iPhone is capable of running 120 million moon missions all at the same time and is 120 million times faster than the Apollo Guidance Computer. Why is this all so interesting? Because in 50 years technology is 120 million times more capable than it was then but there is no way that humans are 120 million times better! In all honesty, the Americans seem to be 50 years worse off with a fascist, racist president at their helm!

It appears that fishermen’s sandwiches are for them to eat! Who knew!!

Anyway, enough of this, my brain hurts! It is quite interesting what you can find out on Fidopedia though. With a bit of Doogle and a bit of Fidopedia you can find out almost anything! But enough about other people, what about me? Ah yes, now I suppose I should fess up to ‘Fisherman’s Sandwich-gate’. It wasn’t my fault. And it was over in a flash (or is that a gulp?). You see, there we were, Daddy Richard and I, strolling down Bay Pond Path and it just happened that there was a fisherman doing whatever it is that fishermen do. (I’m not really sure because they just seem to sort of sit there all day doing nothing!) Well, I popped into the edge of the pond through the broken railing like I often do. What did I find? Well, sitting right there at nose height was a rather nice looking sandwich! How was I supposed to know it wasn’t for me? There wasn’t a dirty great sign saying “This sandwich belongs to the fisherman – do not eat it!”. So, what is a dog supposed to do? I leaned over, grabbed the sandwich and down it went in one big gulp! It would be unfair to say that the language coming from Daddy Richard was quite as bad as it would have been if he had been there, but it was pretty bad! Fortunately, the fisherman saw the funny side of things and didn’t seem to mind too much. Daddy Richard apologised and I was whisked away before anything else could occur!

It’s nice to have Green Lane back to myself after the festival!

Yesterday was a horrible day. It rained virtually all day. Not that nice kind of proper rain but nasty drizzle that went on all day. Every time I went outside I got soaked with that horrible wet drizzle. Today is beginning to look considerably better. We had a couple of really good thunderstorms this morning and the air seems to have cleared. It did rain when we went out for my morning constitutional but they got wetter than I did, so I didn’t care! We actually bumped into quite a few doggies that we don’t often see which was nice. The sun is even making an appearance now so I think things are looking up. The festival is all cleared up now too. I did enjoy myself at the festival but I’m glad it has gone now and I have Green Lane back to myself. There were suddenly so many people walking up and down Green Lane when the festival was on! Now that the festival is finished we don’t normally see anyone, or at least, not many people and those that we do are with doggies that I know. Actually, come to think of it, what with all that thinking about computers and things, I think I need a bit of a walk to clear my head. I’ll go and have a bark at him so, for now, must paws … 🐾

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