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A stick’s a stick …

He said it was too big to carry, so I lay down to chew it instead!

And here’s another thing … a stick’s a stick! Honestly, my regular fans will already have guessed that the necessity to point this out is entirely because of him. You see, there we were taking a walk up Green Lane and I spotted a rather good looking stick. He started banging on about it being too big and saying “you’re not taking that with you” and “that’s not a stick it’s a log”. Honestly, what a fuss! So, taking on board what he said, I did what every self respecting dog would do – I lay down and started chewing it! It was quite a tasty stick actually … lots of bark you could chew off and spit out. I did try to pick it up but I must admit that navigation was a tad difficult because whenever I turned my head I seemed to hit something. On one occasion I turned my head and the next thing I knew he was shouting something about his shin and “that ducking fog” or something – which was odd because it was definitely not foggy and I couldn’t see any ducks anywhere. Mind you, you know what he’s like! He’s never been very good with words. I would teach him but I can’t be bothered!

Eric is definitely walking better and we had great fun in the fields!

Talking of teaching, I must provide a Pupdate. Eric is coming along nicely. He’s still having a bit of trouble distinguishing between an ‘s’ and a ‘sh’ but things are definitely improving. He did pop in to see me the other day and left a lovely present in the lounge before he left. He’s improving enormously on the walking side though. That rather unattractive pram has gone and we’ve been out a couple of times to a variety of places that even I haven’t been to before. We went to Dormansland which is miles and miles away … way past Reigate Hill (well, actually in the other direction so that isn’t strictly true) and we had a fantastic run around in the fields. We kept the walk a little shorter than normal but that’s OK … for now! We also went back to Limpsfield Chart and we had a fab walk there. Auntie Sue was a bit concerned about some of the hilly bits and did rather complain about them but I explained to her that they aren’t hills they’re just flat bits that are on an angle! I don’t think she appreciated that much but I did try!!! Eric doesn’t much like walking on a lead yet but I’m going to try and teach him just what fun it is to drag your human around the village like a freight train on steroids! He’ll soon get the hang of it!!!!

Foxley Woods was great fun but very steep!

After my last Glog I was very disappointed to see that Uncle Don had suggested in a comment that Eric might be as handsome as me. I am the handsomest dog in dogdom … end of! You can go off people you know!! Now, where was I? Ah yes, so we’ve been to quite a few new places recently. The down side is that we have to go in the car thingy. The up side is that there’s loads to explore, to sniff and I generally get to run around off lead which is always fun! Last weekend we went somewhere called Foxley Woods. It was great fun, although there was one bit where I had to be on the lead because we were near some sheep in a field (they were well fenced in so I couldn’t have got in there) and there were signs up saying that I had to be on a lead or they could be arrested and I could be shot. Not terribly friendly if you don’t mind my saying! Anyway, that was only for a short part of our walk which was great fun although very, very steep hills because it was sort of on the hills down from Kenley Airfield. I didn’t mind the steep hills at all but I think they did. As we were walking back towards where we had parked the car I heard him say to Daddy Richard “Do you think he’s had enough?” (Which, of course, I never have!) And Daddy Richard replied, “Well I have!”.

I think he is becoming ‘stickist’ – what is wrong with this stick? OK, so it’s more of a log than a stick but who’s judging!

On the food front there’s been some ups and downs too. He has been doing that cooking thing again. One day he cooked salmon and served it on a bed of wasabi mash with slow cooked peppers alongside. I have to admit that the salmon smelled luvely and it lingered for quite a while too. And what did I get? Nothing! Zilch, zero, nada! I was not at all happy about that I can tell you. Last weekend though he made a curry. It was a curry that Uncle Bren had had several times in India. It is called Mutton Bhuna Gosht and is made with goat. They went off and bought some goat and then marinaded it in fresh papaya of all things. Then they cooked it with loads of spices (mainly ones that I’m not allowed to have) and yoghurt and milk and things. The good thing about this particular curry was that although they thought they had bought diced goat (which they had) some of it had bone in it which was rather handy for me! I got to taste the goat (very nice!) before he got anywhere near it to ruin it!! That said, it seems that the curry went down rather well although, for him, there was just a little too much dairy in it which, although it didn’t stop him eating it on Sunday evening, he did rather live to regret on Monday! He is a little sensitive to dairy but that’s his problem – after all, he cooked it so it isn’t like he didn’t know how much dairy was in it!

Nature can be so cruel. There are no goslings left!

The other day we were walking down Bay Pond Path and I saw something very sad … none of the goslings appear to have survived. There were four of them, then there were three and now there are none. Nature can be so cruel! I don’t know what happened to them but I have my suspicions. I read that young goslings have a number of predators but one of them are heron’s which will eat them. There’s a huge great heron that virtually lives on Bay Pond and he never seems hungry! Just sayin’. So that was sad. On the other hand, on my way down Bay Pond the other day, I stopped off for a quick wee in one of my usual spots – I had already produced a fabulous two bagger and he says that the good people of Church Lane should be able to open their windows again by August! Anyway, back to Bay Pond Path. I stopped off for a wee and looked down and there, on the ground, was a tag from another doggy. I thought, oh dear, someone has lost their tag so I got Daddy Richard (not point in relying on him) to pick it up and contact the people on the tag using his ‘dog and bone’ (Hah! Do you see what I did there?!) and tell them it had been found. They wanted it back so Daddy Richard dropped it off at the bakers for them to collect. I think that they were happy that it had been found, so that’s good!

What do you mean “this is getting silly?” … What log? A stick is a stick!

Today we have been to another new place. ‘The Oaks Park’ in Banstead. To be honest, it wasn’t a roaring success. They had found it on the Internet as a good place for dog walking. Since they don’t know the area very well he used his ‘SatNag’ to guide them there. Well, it turned out that the address on the website they used was wrong! The ‘SatNag’ got them to a car park in Banstead but it was about two miles away from the park!!! When they put the actual park in the ‘SatNag’ they managed to find it. Although we had a good walk (well, I had more of a run than a walk!) the paths were literally between two parts of a golf course and that comes with some hazards! Firstly, I am not allowed to run onto the golf course which seemed to stress them out rather because I did find the urge to run out onto the course a few times irresistible and secondly, I am known not to be too good with balls! Anyway, although I did, at once point, manage to find a golf ball that had been lost, I didn’t much like the taste or texture so I didn’t fight to keep it and I dropped it voluntarily. I am not sure that we’ll be going back there but at least I got to explore somewhere new. All in all it has been a busy few days but what can one expect … I am, after all, the handsomest, most cleverest dog in dogdom! That said, I am feeling a rather urgent need to push out a few ????s so, for now, must paws … ????

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