home diary I’m done, well and truly done!

I’m done, well and truly done!

I had a lovely time on Reigate Heath! We've never been there before!
I had a luvely time on Reigate Heath! We’ve never been there before!

Well, I’ve been done … well and truly done!! The first thing I should say is that I am dictating my update to him from my hospickle bed. Not only am I am a little indisposed at the moment, but I am also in a little bit of discomfort. Let me try and start from where I left off. We arrived back from our short ‘oliday in France one Saturday evening and then, on Sunday, we had quite a busy day! Firstly, that was my last update which took me a little while to type and, secondly, we had quite a number of visitors! Sunday started well, although I didn’t think it was going to. We went to go out for our morning constitutional and, instead of going out through the gate as we usually do, he opened the boot on the car thingy. Did he seriously expect me to jump in? I stood my ground and refused to move. Eventually Daddy Richard lifted me up and put me in the car. Now, I know that everyone knows that I am the bravest dog in dogdom, but I was a bit worried, I knew something was up. I was shaking with fear as Daddy Richard put me in the car thingy. I needn’t have worried though, nothing nasty was about to happen, we were on our way to visit Reigate Heath that had been recommended by Auntie Vicky. Reigate Heath is bwilliant! It is a golf course as well as being a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a nature reserve. There are loads of paths to explore and places to sniff – it was bwilliant!!! I was in quite a rush to get there once we were out of the car thingy. I wasn’t entirely sure where there was, but I was definitely in a rush to get there and had to drag him along with me!

Running down one of the many paths in Reigate Heath!
Running down one of the many paths in Reigate Heath!

There was only one criticism of Reigate Heath (not from me, but from them) … that there aren’t that many bins around. Early on in our adventure I produced a particularly pungent two bagger and Daddy Richard picked it up (conveniently he didn’t have any poo bags in his pocket, although I was carrying some in my harness Daddy Richard was quicker getting a couple of bags out!) and he then had to carry it for ages and ages before he found a bin!!! Anyway, since I didn’t care much about that, it didn’t bother me! We walked for miles around the heath and I had a thoroughly good time. It is nowhere near as busy as Reigate Hill and most people walking seemed to have doggies with them which was nice. Mind you, I did notice a very relaxed attitude in some of those dogs … they weren’t rushing to get there at all! Eventually we went home and, we’d not been home long before we had a visit from Auntie Sue and Uncle Malcom. They came to wish me luck with my operation, so it was now obvious that something was going to happen!!! After they had gone, I saw down to put paw to keyboard which was when I gave my last update. I didn’t mean to, but it seemed that I wrote an awful lot of human (I’m becoming quite proficient!) but I suppose quite a lot had happened! I was also a bit nervous about when I might be able to do another – as it is I am relying on him to relay this all to you, so goodness knows what a mess he’ll make of it!

On Monday I would run as fast as any dog in dogdom. Now I can't even walk!!!
On Monday I would run as fast as any dog in dogdom. Now I can’t even walk!!!

I had only just finished typing my update on Sunday when we had another visitor, this time it was Auntie Zena and Uncle Simon. They too had come to wish me good luck with my operation, so that confirmed what I had been suspecting!!! It’s always fun when Auntie Zena is around because I can play lots of games with her! I play a game of in and out where I keep barking to go outside and then, as soon as I’m outside, I bark to come back in – that’s fun because she tells me off in such a playful way that it makes it an even better game! Then there’s a game of stone – try and get a stone into the house without it being removed from my mouth! Then there’s just misbehave generally – I wouldn’t get away with it with anyone else, but Auntie Zena makes it such a game that I do with her and it really winds him up which is also fun! They stayed for a couple of hours which was nice! Then, after they went, we went out for a walk along Salisbury Road, up Oxted Road and along Church Lane and then down Bay Pond Path. I won’t be doing that now for quite a while, so it was nice to get to do it then! I didn’t know when it was going to happen, but even he was being nice, so I knew it was pretty imminent!! Having got back from our walk I decided to spent a bit of time in the evening sitting on the settee with him just to let him know that I hold no grudges … yet!!

Having a sniff around in the path between The Hollow and Tylers Close Field!
Having a sniff around in the path between The Hollow and Tylers Close Field!

On Monday morning Daddy Richard had to go out (he is still having his wound dressed from his recent operation, although there are probably only a couple more visits required) so I was left with him. We went up through Hilly Fields and then along the path to Tylers Close Field. I had such a luvely time sniffing and running and I knew that time was limited – that the operation was imminent! I spend much of Monday relaxing and then, after a final walk along Salisbury Road, Dewlands, Green Lane, Church Lane and Bay Pond Path, we went home for my last few minutes before departing for the hospickle. At 6pm we all got in the car thingy – I actually jumped in before I realised that this wasn’t going to be my favourite journey! We drove off and in just a few minutes arrived at North Downs Specialist Referral Centre. My personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, wasn’t there but I was met by the lovely nurse who looked after me on many of my previous visits there! The lady on reception commented on how good looking I am. I didn’t have the heart to try and tell her I am the handsomest dog in dogdom … I was feeling very sad because I knew that in a couple of minutes I would have to go and leave them both. After he had signed the consent form (I did wonder if I could grab the pen or something but I knew that he’d just find another!), that was that. I was stripped of my collar leaving me properly naked without a stitch on in the middle of reception(!) and a hospickle lead was attached.

Having a last run around in Tylers Close Field before I went into hospickle on Monday!
Having a last run around in Tylers Close Field before I went into hospickle on Monday!

I was taken down to my executive suite in the hospickle by my nurse ready to put my gown on so that I would be ready for the operation. (Those gowns aren’t very flattering!! You end up with your bottom hanging out if you’re not careful!) This morning my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, came to see my quite early before I went down for my operation. They gave me something that made me go into a very deep sleep – so deep that I wasn’t even pushing out ????s – and that was that. Apparently the operation took 5 hours to complete but my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, says he is very happy with the result You can tell he chopped me about and not the other way round!!! I can’t say I’m happy with the result at the moment – I’m flamin’ sore and can’t even walk anymore!! Apparently the x-rays show that the hip is very well placed and I am assured that, in time, I will make a full recovery. I say, in time, because a lot of it has to pass before I will be back to normal! I will now have two weeks of absolutely no movement – going outside for a wee being supported by a sling – and then weeks of recovery will begin. At first I won’t be allowed to walk for more than 5 minutes day, then gradually I will be allowed to build up to normal levels of walking in about 3-4 months time! It’s a long road to recovery but everyone keeps assuring me it will be worth it in the end!

Just had my very last look at Bay Pond before I go into the hospickle!
Just had my very last look at Bay Pond before I go into the hospickle!

So, here I am, lying in my hospickle bed, feeling a little sorry for myself. I have had to dictate this update to him remotely in the vague hope that he won’t make so much of a mess of it that nobody can understand it. I am not allowed to see him or Daddy Richard for at least a couple of days because all the people in the hospickle don’t want me getting excited. (They clearly don’t know him very well, or they’d know that it is pretty difficult to get excited just by seeing him!) When I am finally allowed out I will be on complete bed rest for two weeks. It’ll be horrible and I will hate it (as will they!) but if the end result will be a working hip that isn’t painful and allows me to do the same thing as other doggies do, then it’ll be worth it I guess! My regular fans will know, however, that I always try and look on the bright side. There is one good thing that has come out of this … I have run out of hips!!! They can’t put me through all this again because I haven’t got any more hips!!! I’m done, well and truly done!! So, there all my lovely friends, is my update. Thank you for all my messages of good luck from all my fans around the world. I do appreciate them and, whilst I may never actually meet all of you, I would like to say Merci Beaucoup, Muchas Gracias, Obrigado, Grazie, Erg bedankt, Vielen Danke, 谢谢, Mange Tak, बहुत धन्यवाद, どうもありがとう and, to all my friends who follow me around the world, if I’ve missed your language, sorry, but in any event, thank you!!!! With that, must paws … ????

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Mrs. P
Mrs. P

Feeling for you Monty, all that inactivity would drive me bonkers. Lots of love.

Tony Carter
Tony Carter

Get well Monty,so glad we can hear all about you & your op.
We hope your minders are bearing up well.
We shall miss seeing you on your walks for awhile, but it will be worth it for you to have a strong hip.
Tony & Rosemary
Great retriever lovers