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Making good progress …

Oh come on man! I'm bored ... let's get a move on!
Oh come on man! I’m bored … let’s get a move on!

Now, if I was to be totally honest, I’ve been getting a bit bored recently. In my (not very humble) opinion I am better. I have been off pain killers for a couple of weeks now (for the first time since I ended up in Godstone!) and, frankly, I feel as fit as a fiddle. I’m still on restricted exercise though and I don’t really see any good reason for it. He keeps saying it is so that we can be 100% sure I have healed but I’m not convinced. I think he doesn’t want to go for a longer walk. I haven’t even seen Angela’s doorstep for months, let alone left her a present! She’ll have forgotten all about me. Anyway, I’ve sort of come up with a couple of new games to keep my interest up. Firstly, I have made a conscious decision to pull like a freight train again. I find it particularly fun when the ground is a little slippery (autumn leaves are quite good for this purpose) or when he is least expecting it. The only trouble with this particular game is that he is getting a bit used to it and has been walking me on a very short lead and bribing me with treats to walk by his side so that I forget to do it. Another new game is a bit more fun … stand and stare into the middle of nowhere and bark my head off! It’s great fun, although he moans about the noise, but then he would. I sort of learned this game in my executive suite at my country retreat. I discovered that many other residents do the same thing, so I thought I’d give it a go. It is very effective!

I am rather partial to a bit of a tummy tickle from time to time.
I am rather partial to a bit of a tummy tickle from time to time.

Another great new game (well, not entirely new as I have played it before) is jumping up and nipping. This game is a bit more effective with Richard. My nipping hurts from time to time and I find that he reacts more to me doing this, so I do it more with him. It isn’t nearly as effective with him. I think I may have mentioned this before but he isn’t very bright … several stars short of a galaxy, if you get my gist. Well, I have tried jumping up and nipping him but he doesn’t react at all. It makes it all a bit dull when there is no reaction. He says he is going to have to speak to my personal trainer, Amanda from Happy Buddies, about it because it is becoming a bit of a habit with Richard. If I could go for a decent walk it wouldn’t be so bad and I wouldn’t be so bored. He thinks that it won’t be too long. Actually, talking of walking, I was browsing Poochtome the other day and I saw a video (I think it was from Pootube) with a golden retriever (obviously not as handsome as me!) swimming in a very muddy pond. Someone had posted a comment … “Only a Goldie!” I don’t know what they mean. What is wrong with that?!

I do like a good roll around in cut grass. I don't know why he always worries about me rolling in something!
I do like a good roll around in cut grass. I don’t know why he always worries about me rolling in something!

On Thursday I discovered that the grass had been cut at Sniff Central. As my regular fans will know, I rather like a good old fashioned roll in cut grass, so I couldn’t really let an opportunity like that pass. I had a jolly good roll around! As usual he was moaning at me with comments like “I hope there isn’t any dog poo in that grass” and “If you get dog poo on your coat you’ll stink!”. Well, I’ve got news for him – if there had been any dog poo left on the ground (and there shouldn’t be, but some people seem not to bother picking up!) it would have been whipped up by the mower and whizzed away. Anyway, there wasn’t any, so I don’t know what he was going on about. I do like my walk down Salisbury Road and past Sniff Central but I am getting a bit bored of it. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy it, but I really want to go somewhere else for a change! Anyway, enough about me, what about me? Oh yes, on Saturday evening, I went down to the village hall for “An evening with Matthew Goodgame and Richard Munday”. Apparently they are actors from the West End (nope, nor me, but I think it must be somewhere in London) and they were performing in the village. To be honest I found it all a bit overwhelming because I couldn’t go into the hall and I could see and hear a lot of people in there who I could have shown how handsome I am – they wouldn’t have needed any actors then! Anyway, since I was having a spot of bother settling, Grandad said he would take me home so I went home and spent some quality time with him. Apparently Matthew and Richard were very good and even sang a duet with my friend Heidi from the Orpheus centre! Anyway, it wasn’t about me, so I’m not really interested.

Why wouldn't he let me go and chase the cat in the cat waiting ares?
Why wouldn’t he let me go and chase the cat in the cat waiting area?

This morning I have had a bit of good news finally. You see, I have been to see my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, for a bit of a checkup. Now, I don’t like to complain but … firstly, he didn’t give me any breakfast – apparently he thought I might be having some x-rays today so I couldn’t have any breakfast. Well, he was wrong about that. I didn’t have any x-rays, so I could have had breakfast! He did give me some when I got home but, honestly, why can’t he get these things right! Secondly, why wouldn’t he let me go into the cat waiting area? I know there was a cat in there. I like trying to chase cats! He ruins all my fun. Anyway, when I got to see my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, he said he was pleased with my progress. He said that, to be safe, he wants me to continue with my restricted exercise and only short walks for another two weeks, but that at the weekend I can go on a longer walk just once a day (and shorter walks for the other two walks). The really good news is that in two weeks time I can start my hydrotherapy again with my personal therapists Katie and Emily! It seems like forever since I last saw them. In two weeks I can also start doing stairs again and have free run of the house. I will be going back to see my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, just before Christmas – I’m not sure if he just wants to wish me Happy Christmas because he says I can’t have any breakfast before I go which sort of makes me think that he might be planning something else, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

My hair is definitely growing back which is good news!
My hair is definitely growing back which is good news!

Anyway, the good news is that we appear to be making progress. The bad news is that it is all taking a lot longer than I had hoped. I have looked on Fidopedia and usually a total hip replacement operation takes about 3 months to fully recover from. I had my original operation on the 17th August which is already more than 3 months ago and I am not there yet! Personally I take the view that a large part of the slow recovery is due to him, although my personal surgeon, Bonito de la Puerta, thinks it is due to the original replacement hip popping out. I suppose he knows, after all he is the expert! I guess that I’m just going to have to try and behave for a little while longer. It is quite difficult though. He says that we are making steady progress now and that, if I can just be a bit more patient (the cheek of it!), by Christmas we should be pretty much back to normal … not that I have any wish to be normal! I am the most handsome dog in the world and that’s that. I had a message on Whatsyap the other day asking me why my blog is Monty.VIP … I would have thought it was obvious – Very Important Pooch! Honestly, sometimes I do wonder about humans! Anyway, for now, I must go and push out a couple of ????s so, for now, must paws … ????

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