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Not a soul in sight!

Walking in Tilburstow Hill
I like walking around Tilburstow Hill, I just don’t like the journey there and back!

Do you know, the weather on Wednesday was properly lovely! It was sunny and bright and I had some lovely walks. In the morning we did our Hilly Fields walk. I like this walk because I get to romp about in open fields as well as walking through The Hollow. Alex had to meet his friend David for coffee (I know! What’s all that about? One of those meeting things and then when it happens they do ‘coffee’ whatever that is!) so we went out a bit earlier than usual for our mid-morning walk. Then, when David arrived (only a few minutes after we got back) we all walked down to the village to the Green Rooms for coffee. Bad news, the Green Rooms was shut. Good news, the Forge wasn’t! We sat outside and David and Alex did that talking thing for what seemed like ages! Anyway, they seemed quite happy with it and I wasn’t too bored, so it was OK.

Admiring the view
Just admiring the view on Tilburstow Hill

When they finished their ‘meeting’ (it seems like a meeting is just an excuse for a chat and a cup of something called coffee … hardly challenging!) Alex popped into Jane’s to buy a tape measure because he was going to order me another new harness. The problem with my harnesses is that they very quickly get all screwed up and then I run the risk of getting sore. Amanda from Happy Buddies recommended a more robust one called a ‘Perfect Fit Harness’ which she says will last much longer, so that’s what I’m going to get.

Climbing a log
What a log! I climbed right up it!

After lunch, the weather was so good Alex decided we should go to Tilburstow Hill for a walk. Now … this involves going in the car, but as it only takes 2½ minutes to get there he figured it would be OK. I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of getting in the car, but I didn’t complain too much. We drove up to Tilburstow Hill and, when we got there, I jumped out of the car and realised we were off for a fab walk so I forgot all about it. We did have a wonderful walk all around Tilburstow Hill. If you follow the footpath at the top you can walk around in a big circle and eventually arrive back where you started from a completely different direction.

Monty lying down and refusing to move
As soon as I saw the car I planted myself and refused to move!

I like walking around Tilburstow Hill, so we walked around it twice! Actually, what really happened was that we walked around Tilburstow Hill and when we re-appeared and I spotted the car I decided we would walk around again a bit quickly, so I darted off back down the footpath! When we got back from our second circuit I realised that I couldn’t really go round again but I really didn’t want to get in the car again. I decided I would plant myself on the ground about 70 feet from the car and categorically refuse to move. I did this rather well! For about half an hour I just refused to stand up and refused to move. It didn’t matter what Alex did – treats, coaxing, nice words, muttering something about being “as stubborn as a mule” (I wonder what a ‘mule’ is), I was having none of it. After half an hour Alex texted Richard with this photo of me lying on the ground and Richard said he would come home from work via Tilburstow Hill. That meant hanging around for another half an hour which I decided would be a bit boring, so I stood up. Bad mistake! Alex made me walk to the car and when we got there he scooped me up and put me in it! I should never have let my guard drop like that! 2½ minutes later we were home. We went indoors, Alex gave me a treat and I have to confess that I forgot all about the car.

Alex and Richard had another ‘meeting’ on Wednesday evening (for a Neighbourhood Plan, whatever that is!) and so I popped down to see Zena, Simon and Jake. When I got there, I marched straight in, picked up a toy and went into the garden. Simon said, “Make yourself at home, why don’t you!” So I did. I had a lovely time with them and, when Richard came to pick me up, I was a bit sad to leave. It transpired that I wouldn’t have to wait too long before I saw them again, but I didn’t know that at the time!

Just chillin' in the garden
Just chillin’ in the garden before I take Alex out for a walk.

On Thursday morning I had an email from Uncle Don which was nice! I haven’t met him yet, but Alex says he’s really nice. (Alex says if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have spent the last 30 years with Richard – I think he means this in a nice way, but you can never tell with Alex … I’m still not over the ‘sit’ on command incident!) Uncle Don reminded me to keep my pawsword safe and not even reveal it for a treat! Well, duh! I’m not going to tell anyone my pawsword is ‘BigWoof2016′ now am I? … Oops! I guess I’ll have to change it now!

Thursday was even more warm than Wednesday. I spent a bit of time just chillin’ in the garden before I took Alex out for another walk around Hilly Fields. He apparently wanted to take me back to Tilburstow Hill in the car but was a bit worried about me refusing to get back into it again, so he didn’t try – wise choice!

Lying down and refusing to move has lost its fun!
A quick game of ‘lie down and refuse to move’ but it doesn’t have the same fun nowadays.

On our walk around Hilly Fields I did have a quick game of ‘lie down and refused to move’ but, for some reason, that game has lost a bit of its fun recently and, apart from when I am refusing to get into the car, I don’t really find that I get as much out of it as I used to. Actually, I am finding that it is more fun to roll around in cut grass than it is just to lie down and refuse to move. It is particularly fun to roll around in cut grass when Alex or Richard is concerned about what I might roll in – you should see their faces! Although we walk our Hilly Fields route most days, we haven’t seen Paul and Maggie recently so we don’t know if they have got Ace the black German Shepherd yet, but I’m sure we’ll see them soon and find out.

Playing with Zena
Just playing with Zena – it’s such fun!

On Thursday evening, Richard and Alex were going to a theatre again – the last time they went to a theatre was with Alex’s Mum in London but this was in a place called Guildford (nope, no idea where that is). Instead of going to see a load of people pretending to be something they are not, in a situation that isn’t real, about a story that is made up, they were going to see someone called ‘Gino D’Acampo’ who is a ‘chef’. (I have looked up a ‘Chef’ on Fidopedia and it turns out that, from what I could see, it is a posh word for someone who cooks stuff.) I am not entirely sure why anyone would want to pay money to see a chef but apparently it was a present from Richard’s parents. Anyway, the good thing was that I got to spend another evening at Zena and Simon’s!

Monty on the sofa
Sitting in Alex’s seat on the sofa and making it slightly damp!

Alex didn’t come and pick me up until very late and I was already asleep on the sofa with Zena, so it was a bit inconvenient really. We went home and I decided to have a naughty 5 minutes just to let both Alex and Richard know that I don’t approve of them going out twice in two days. I got every toy out of my toy box and threw it around the room. They seemed suitably unimpressed but I am not sure that they appreciated my disgust at being left two nights in a row – even if I did have a lovely time with Zena and Simon.

This morning I decided that Alex needed to know that I hadn’t completely forgiven him. I went out into the garden in the drizzle and then, once I was nice and damp I popped back into the house and jumped on the sofa where he usually sits. That made it nice and damp and slightly smelling of the aroma of ‘wet dog’, which he didn’t seem over impressed with. Well, I thought long and hard about whether I had forgiven him after that. I concluded that no, not quite yet. He would have to pay a bit more yet …

Monty in the vegetable bed!
Well, did you really think that netting would keep me out?

Readers of my blog will probably also have realised that Alex quite likes gardening. He has this greenhouse which is full of things growing that I just can’t quite reach, and he also has beds in the garden that he as put up fencing so I can’t reach and then netting around the bigger ones so that I can’t get in. Well, woofy, woofy, do – I can get in! I went back out into the garden and, whilst he wasn’t looking, jumped straight into his precious vegetable bed! I wasn’t in there long enough to destroy his sugar snap peas (which was definitely on the agenda) because he went and noticed me. What I then discovered was that getting in was no problem, but getting out was a whole different ball game (if you see what I mean … no balls are involved). In the end Alex had to take the netting down so that I could get out. I know that my understanding of human speak is not 100%, I am certainly not fluid, but I do know that whatever it was he was saying to me had an awful lot of ‘f’s in it and he was definitely not pleased!

An empty Green Lane
We did not see a single soul for our entire walk this morning!

In order to tire me out, Alex suggested that we go for a walk. I never say no to a walk, so off we went. It was raining properly by now, but I don’t mind that at all. I don’t think that Alex likes it quite so much, but I think he would have done anything to stop me from being mischievous! I think I have forgiven him now anyway, but the walk was definitely a good idea. We walked all round Bay Pond and through the churchyard, up Church Lane, down Green Lane, through Ryders Way, Dewlands, along Salisbury Road and back home again and, would you believe it, we didn’t see a soul! Not one person, not one dog. OK, we saw a few ducks on Bay Pond, but that was it! Where did everyone disappear to?

Actually, talking of our walk this morning, you should have seen the state of my long line! It was properly filthy! Mind you, I was a pretty close second by the time we got back. I was pretty covered in mud and very wet. Alex wasn’t much better either. He gave me a wash down and then dried me with a towel (which I tried to pinch and run off with, but I didn’t manage it) before he put my long line along with his jeans in the washing machine. I must say, they wash up well (long lines, not his jeans!). When we got home and I had dried off a bit, I have to admit I did feel a bit on the sleepy side. I lay down in his study and pushed out a few ?s for a while. Alex said I was snoring, but I can’t believe that for one moment. Actually, he said I was snoring at both ends, but I don’t really understand that remark so I have chosen to rise above it. The good news is that, once I have published this latest update on my world, I have decided to take Alex out for another walk (Hilly Fields, but don’t tell him!), so that means that the only thing standing between me and a walk is my paws rattling across this keyboard. So, finished or not, I’m off for a walk … must paws! ?

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